North Londonderry, Lebanon Co

Bounded by local creeks and neighbors, our community prospers from its location among limestone rich soil, expansive productive farmland and proximity to points of interest in Central Pennsylvania. A short drive will take you right into "the sweetest place on earth", Hershey, PA then onto Harrisburg, the state capital and home to Three Mile Island - a nuclear power plant that generates electric for over 80,000 homes. Back the other way is historical Millard Quarry, still in operation after decades of mining for limestone, and Fort Indiantown Gap - a National Guard Training Center - both in Annville, PA. So close that it's not uncommon to hear or feel the presence of either.

All have contributed to the growth of North Londonderry Township, but it is our policies that have promoted healthy, attractive neighborhoods and a sound local economy. In an area 10.7 square miles in the southwest corner of Lebanon County, we have accomodated much of the expansion of the Palmyra area and yet there is still more room to grow. We are easily accessed by major interstates and routes, we ask you to stop by...or stay a while, others have!

PennDOT has indicated that Syner Road at Bates Drive will remain closed due to damage from flood waters. Repairs shall be made in the near future. Gravel Hill Road is now open.

NEW! PA Bicycle Driver's Manual
Whether daily or annually, if you drive a bicycle there are guidelines to keep you and others safe on the road. This manual can be accessed on our Links &Numbers page after it is removed from here.

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